Differences Between The Concept 2 Model E & D Indoor Rowing Machine.  Same great machine, New name RowErg.

The Concept 2 Indoor Rowing Machine came in a model D and Model E. Now, the Concept2 is called the RowErg and comes in a standard or tall version. The RowErg is the same as the Model D. The RowErg is the standard model with a height of 14 inches.

Concept 2 is the top-selling rowing machine in the world. The Concept 2 Model D (RowErg) is known for being the rowing machine for Olympic, college, and high-school athletes. It is also found in many fitness and home gyms.



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the Concept 2 Model E hase been discontinued.  It has been replaced by the tall ErgRow.  This model is the same as the ErgRow but it has a higher seat. The seat is 20 inches vs. the 14 inches of the stardard ErgRow. They raised the seat by adding taller front and back legs to the popular Model D  design.

This means that the only difference is the hight of the seat off the ground. The tall and standard ErgRow are now the same machine with the same adjustable monitor and graphics. The taller legs of the ErgRow version have large caster wheels.

A higher seat is not required for taller users because both machines will fit inseams up to 38 inches. Rowers with an inseam longer than this may require an extra-long monorail not a taller seat.

You shoul still look into the tall ErgRow version if you have balance or mobility issues, or simply have difficulty getting up and down from low places.



What does adjusting the dampers do?

The spiral damper changes the feel of the stroke to fit your needs. The damper setting controls the amount of air going into the flywheel. This changes the feel of rowing. The dampers adjust from 1-10. Dampers are like gears on a bicycle. The higher settings (6-10) give you the feel of a slower, heavier boat. It feels like rowing with passengers. The lower settings (1-5) give you the feel of a sleeker, faster boat like rowing by yourself. You will be able to experiment using the different settings once you purchase your own Concept 2 Row Erg.



Is it easy to assemble?

It is very easy to put together. The installation requires putting together the front and rear legs with 10 screws and attaching the monorail end with the flywheel end. You also need to install the pickup cable and Performance Monitor. The necessary tools are included with detailed instructions. It should take about 30-45 min. There are also videos on the Concept 2 website to help. Here is a link to the Assembly Instructions.

What type of resistance is the Concept 2?

The Concept 2 RowErg is an air resistance rowing machine. The spinning flywheel attached to fan blades creates the resistance. Pulling the handle of the rower spins the fan blades to make wind. Creating more wind makes the handle harder to pull. Air resistance rowers provide a smooth resistance and are the preferred rowing machines among athletes. This makes you in control of the resistance based on your exersion. The flywheel minimises noise while providing a smooth feel to your strokes.

What parts of the body does it work out?

Rowing is a low-impact whole body workout. For more information go to my previous article on “9 reasons to choose rowing for your workout routine."

Does the Concept 2 RowErg fits all height and weight ranges?

The weight capacity for the Concept 2 RowErg is 500 pounds. There aren’t any height limitations. The monorail length is 54.0″ (137cm) and can fit an inseam length up to 38.0″. They also have the option to buy a long monorail for extra-tall users. Both Row Erg hights have the same user capacity.

Is the Concept 2 noisy?

Due to the resistance type of the Concept 2 RowErg, they can be noisy. The harder you row, the louder the sound of the fan gets. You will also hear the sounds of the seat rolling, the pulling of the handle and the fan. Most people were able to hear the TV over the rowing sounds. If the sounds are too loud you can use ear buds to block out some noise.


Is the Concept 2 RowErg comfortable to use?

The benefit of the Concept 2 RowErg is that it now comes in two different seat hights. It's the same great machine but one is 14" off the ground and the other is 20”. The tall verion makes it more comfortable for taller users or those with balance or mobility issues. It has adhustable footrests to fit your shoe size and had an egronomic handle with a 10 degree bend. This is a more natural arm and hand position which makes rowing more comforatable.



Does it fold up, and is it easy to store?

The Concept 2 RowErg can be taken apart for easy storage. The standard folds up to 25 in x 33 in x 54 in and the tall legs fold up to 27 in x 47 in x 54 in . You can separate it into two parts and store it standing up. It is very easy to do and takes only seconds to put away. The standard model has wheels and weighs 57 pounds, so it is easy to move. The taller version has large caster wheels and weighs 68 ponds that make it easy to move.

How much space is needed to use?

In use, the Concept 2 RowErg when assembled is  8 feet  x 2 feet. You will need 9x4 square feet. Both rowing machine models use the same space because they are the same model, just different heights.

What does the fitness monitor track?

The Concept 2 RowErg comes with a standard PM5 (performance monitor 5). It tracks distance, speed, pace, calories, and watts. The PM5 allows you to set up a veriety of workouts to repeat of compare data for every performance. Using an app like ErgData lets you keep track of your workouts by connecting to the Concept 2 online logbook. The PM5 offers wireless heart rate monitoring, workout storage to USB flash drive, and a backlight. 

How do I maintain my Concept 2? How to lubricate the chain?

These instructions come from the Concept 2 website:

Wipe the monorail after use with a non-abrasive cloth. You should also use non-abrasive cleaners. Do not use acids, bleach, or coarse abrasives.

Weekly: Every 50 Hours of Use

Lubricate the chain with a teaspoon of purified mineral oil, 3-IN-ONE® oil, or 20W motor oil. Apply oil to a paper towel, and rub the paper towel along the entire length of chain. Wipe off the excess. Repeat if needed. Only use chain lubricant oil.

Monthly: Every 250 Hours of Use

Inspect the chain for stiff links. If stiff links are found, and if lubrication does not help, replace the chain.

  • Check the connection of the chain to the handle for wear. If the hole has become elongated, or the U-bolt is worn halfway through, replace the entire connection.
  • Tighten the shock cord if the handle does not return all the way to the fan enclosure. See Shock Cord Adjustment.
  • Check screws for tightness, including those used for assembly.
  • Loosen or tighten the nuts on the PM5 arm joints as necessary. See Performance Monitor Arm Tension Adjustment.
  • Check for dust inside flywheel with a flashlight. Vacuum if needed. See the Flywheel Opening and Cleaning instructions.

Is the durability comparable for the price?

The Concept 2 ErgRow is a commercial grade indoor rowing machine. This means that is built to withstand all the use it will get at a fitness gym. The machine is made well with a steel base and rear legs. The chain is nickel-plated steel and has a fully closed chain housing that will lead to less maintenance. If there are any problems with the machine, contact their helpful customer service. They also provide a troubleshooting section in the instruction manual.

Where do you buy replacement parts?

Replacement parts are available for the Concept 2 on the Concept 2 website or by calling 800-245-5676.

What kind of warranty does the Concept 2 have?

The Concept 2 have a limited 5-year warranty on the frame and two-year warranty on the Performance Monitor and moving parts. The complete warranty information is here. They also offer a 30-day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied. You will only pay for the shipping and the cost of the machine will be refunded. Here is the warranty information.

Concept 2 Inc. does not recommend purchasing additional warranties through Amazon because they are not familiar with the companies selling the services. They have built a product that is easy to repair for the at-home user, so if any issues come up after the warranty expires, spare parts are both affordable and easy to install.

What is the Price?

The price for the Concept 2 RowErg Indoor Rowing Machine with PM5 is sold on Amazon and here is the current price on Amazon. I recommend you purchase from Amazon. Make sure you are looking at the correct model when buying the Concept 2. You want to make sure it is the model you want. Make sure the Model E is in stock before ordering. I recommend purchasing an exercise mat to protect your floor from sweat and scuffs.



It is easy to assemble and made by one of the best brands in rowing. It is also easy to store away. It is built specifically for commercial use so it is high quality and will last. The rowing motion is very smooth, so much so that Olympic, high school and college athletes use them to practice. The PM5 monitor is one of the best fitness monitors on the market.

The Concept 2 has a great website and online presence and makes it easy to find workouts and apps. The popularity of the Concept 2 makes it easy to find and share information. It also has a great warranty and a 30-day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied. It is ranked as one of the best rowing machines on the market.

The RowErg is an amazing rowing machine. The biggest decision you need to make is if the seat height is right for you.

If you have medical issues, back pain, joint pain, you will want to look into the tall version of the RowErg. Hopefully, using this rowing machine will help make your body stronger to alleviate the pain. Of course, contact your doctor for advice.

If the Concept 2 RowErg Indoor Rowing Machine is right for you, I recommend purchasing from Amazon. Amazon is a reputable site and they offer free shipping and special deals when you pay with an Amazon store card.

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