Common golf injuries that can benefit from Dr. Milt's Golf19


Spring is almost here! Golfers will start going back to the driving range and heading out to the golf course. Golf is not a physically demanding sport, but it does require you to move your body in some unusual positions.

Some golfers may not have the luxury of year-round warm weather. Returning to golfing may lead to discomfort as your body gets back in "golf" shape.

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Specific areas you need to strengthen to improve your riding technique.


Horseback riding is a physically demanding sport. Your entire body is used when you ride. Horseback riding strengthens your horse’s muscles and your own. It is essential to know the specific areas you need to strengthen to improve your riding technique.

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Different types of stationary exercise bikes. Which one is right for you?


I have researched these issues along with the different sitting positions and resistance types to help her. You can make an educated decision based on my research to decide what type of stationary bike to buy.

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How to choose and Use Clip-less pedals for beginners:


The benefit of clipless pedals are that they allow you to use your key leg muscles during the pedal stroke. You get more forward propulsion during the revolution, especially during the upstroke.

There are a variety of clipless pedals. Most pedals fit into 2 categories, on-road and off-road.
Make sure you pick the correct pedal based on the type of riding you will be doing.

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Picking the right type of pedals for cycling.


When you first start riding your bike, you may not realize how vital your pedals are. Depending on what type of riding you are doing will determine what kind of pedals you need. Will you be riding dirt trails, road riding, or commuting? You may need the power transfer and efficiency of a clipless pedal. Or the ease of a platform petal that allows you to remove your feet quickly.

I will explain some different options for you to make the right decision for yourself.

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